Is Bitcoin Safe?


According to reports, Bitcoin is entering the forbidden territory due to a series of controversies between “upper society” and savvy digital investors. These digital marketers are trying to gain share in the billion-dollar digital market, while corporate society is trying to curb the spiral of value that appears to be a “monetary threat.” Some people fighting for the exploitation of the poor and disadvantaged groups did not do so because they tried to vaccinate the masses to eliminate this growing “digital monster”.

These seemingly corporate scammers continue to make those unfortunate people spend their money when trying to establish a global financial cartel, but due to the influence of digital technology, Bitcoin has completely changed currency control in the 21st century!


Although digital currencies such as Bitcoin are growing, I am disappointed not to disclose the shortcomings of these virtual currencies. Because its digital footprint is encrypted, it cannot be tracked online. Although you can enjoy privacy and security when trading, it provides another way to hide and conduct illegal transactions.

When this happens, drug dealers, terrorists and other suspicious elements will continue to conduct illegal transactions while using Bitcoin without being detected.


However, in the financial chaos, Bitcoin provides anyone with huge investment opportunities and growth potential. No one controls virtual currency because the public can use virtual currency in cyberspace, and when society stumbles upon the remains of inflation, its value continues to appreciate.

On the street, an ordinary person can buy, save, trade, invest and increase his chances of financial success without being disturbed by government restrictions, controls, and trust regulations; therefore, spiral inflation is a thing of the past.

Many people truly believe that the number one problem in our society is the establishment of financial monopolies. When a company decides to control foreign exchange, gold and fuel, it uses its power to decide how the money should be used.

Large and wealthy multinational companies have formulated regulations only to add more wealth and power to their investment portfolios, not to benefit borrowers seeking financial help. In addition, the top people will try to reduce the swamps so that others can rely on them. Although they can become richer, they cannot control the digital currency!

The bright side of the coin

Now is the time to let the world open its eyes. This is what Bitcoin is all about. Those who try to control the world are threatened by this Frankenstein, but I doubt that they can stop it or it’s up to the call. Currently, the price of 1 Bitcoin is 844,099.07 Jamaican dollars or 6,689.80 U.S. dollars. The cost of 1 Bitcoin in 2009 was $0.05!