Things You Should Know About Bitcoin Black


What is Bitcoin black?

Bitcoin black is basically the people’s cryptocurrency, and the people are the people. It will be used as a peer-to-peer payment system that will give back power to people.

If we talk about Bitcoin, then Bitcoin has failed. The real value comes from the actual use of the ecosystem and the empowerment of people. Bitcoin transactions are slow and expensive, and it can be said that Bitcoin is somewhat concentrated. Bitcoin is able to control human power because it is strictly manipulated and has gone through various cycles, making participants generally reluctant to use cryptocurrency.

People buy Bitcoin to get rich, not to participate in the ecosystem. One percent of the elite use Bitcoin and feel frustrated, increase prices strategically, attract wealth that enters their dreams, and abandon coins for profit. Fear of being adopted. For many different reasons, Bitcoin can be controlled, pumped and manipulated at will.

Bitcoin Black is committed to solving these problems, because the token is a cryptocurrency. It was airdropped to 1 million wallets before the IEO. All funds will flow to the community groups voted by the community to promote the development of the project. The focus is on fair distribution. , Mass adoption, usability, education, ease of use, simplicity and community.

The goal is to make it a truly decentralized autonomous network, returning power to the people. He does not belong to one group, but to many branches of the community.

Coin distribution

Initially, Bitcoin Black’s goal was to airdrop to at least 1 million wallets, of which no more than 0.5% of the supply owned by 1 founding member, making it truly a decentralized cryptocurrency.

The pre-sale of the project accounts for 2.5% of the total supply, which is nearly 900 million coins.

If we look at IEO, 7.2 billion IEO tokens will be distributed to multiple community foundations, which will help the community to push the project forward in the future.

Counterpart funds are used for manipulation (about 5%). A part of the Stability Control Fund is used to eliminate the possibility of early manipulation of small transactions and maintain currency stability.

In the end, the reward for introducing the application will be 14.4 billion coins.

30 million members have been introduced and the proportion of new users has increased. A way to bring coins to every campus/university/workplace and community.

Total supply

The maximum supply is 36 billion coins.


Members who helped share Airdrop asked for 3.6 billion coins.

One-click simple social sharing platform. Share social messages, which provide an introduction to the encrypted video and an application download link, which your friends can download. Currently, the platform is active and running well.


The best innovation is the fee-free transaction. You can send Bitcoin hacks to anyone for free. The transaction is instant, and you can send money as easily as sending a message.

The wallet is easy to access and very simple to use.

in conclusion

Bitcoin black has a fair and large-scale distribution of currency, and its supply is widely distributed. It will generate smaller fluctuations through simultaneous pumping and dumping and lead to more stable prices. Bitcoin black will become the next Bitcoin. You can register for the airdrop by clicking here. I hope someone as early as 2008 can include me in the Bitcoin airdrop. Bitcoin black will change lives, and we want to tell this as much as possible.