Buying Gold Bullion With Bitcoin


Buying gold bars with Bitcoin is easier than you think. I managed to find a very specific way to use my Bitcoin to buy gold bars in automated transactions every month. The best part is that the Bitcoin I used to buy gold didn’t even cost me any money. In fact, the gold I bought is technically free.

I am not making assumptions, nor am I trying to convince anyone to run and use all their income for short promises. The method I use to accumulate gold bars is a fact, I use this method every day, and I will share with you in this article.

To successfully complete this process, the following steps are required

  • Start mining Bitcoin

  • Link your online wallet to the visa card

  • Save Bitcoin and buy gold bars​​

  • Start networking and guide people to use your methods

  • Earn membership commission

Start mining Bitcoin

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin, please help and start researching this digital currency used all over the world. It is rapidly changing our way of life and will continue to do so. I have researched the Bitcoin market and discovered a way to mine Bitcoin online and earn income every day without worrying about any hardware maintenance, electricity bills, or your profitability dropping sharply. There are many disadvantages to owning Bitcoin hardware because of the high electricity bills to run the equipment.

Therefore, as the first step, what you need to do is sign a contract with a trusted and actual Bitcoin mining company. There are many Ponzi schemes out there, and you need to be vigilant at all times.

Link your online wallet to the visa card

Once you find a reputable company, start mining bitcoins and sending them to your online wallet to store as many bitcoins as possible in a short period of time. Look for a Bitcoin wallet company to provide their customers with visa cards that can be linked to their wallets.

Save Bitcoin and buy gold bars​​

You can then use this card to make online purchases, withdraw cash at the bank, or make simple payments (such as buying groceries). All transactions are purely bitcoins you spend and do not come from your actual bank account. After obtaining the visa card, you will be able to buy gold bars online.

The next step is to find a company that sells gold bars online, and you will be able to pay with your credit card. Use the visa card I mentioned earlier in this article and buy some gold bars. First test the system and make sure the gold you buy is 24 carat gold. I suggest you buy 5 grams of gold bars because they are easier to use when needed.

Start networking and guide people to use your methods

There are many ways to earn a good income, one of which is to use the power of the Internet. Once you hold the gold bar in your hand by buying with Bitcoin, people will want to know how you did it. Explain your strategy to them and they will follow.

Earn membership commission

If you choose a company that provides membership commissions to its customers in the Bitcoin and gold bullion markets, then you will get a lot of passive income from the network. These are just some of the methods I use to build an online business, and I know this method will last for several years.