Large timeframe vs. small timeframe

Many traders are thinking about which timeframe to trade with and what is the profit if you are trading with it. In fact, many traders do not know the difference between the two periods and the two are not exactly the same, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. After reading this article you will understand which time frame is right for you and of course the benefits of each of them.


When it comes to big timelines, the analysis part becomes really easy. It is really easy to analyze and easy to trade with because it has less market noise in nature so it is easier to detect market flow. The larger the time frame you choose, the easier and more accurate the analysis will be. Although the downside to choosing short deadlines is that it is difficult to analyze. Remember, the shorter the time frame, the harder it is to analyze. In short timeframes, you realize that there is a lot of noise involved. The flow of the market is difficult to detect because you can see that most of the time the market is always integrated into it.


The longer the deadline, the easier it is to analyze, but the advantage of using longer deadlines does not stop there. The longer the term, the greater the profit you will make in return. For example, if you look at the daily chart or even the weekly, you will see that every swing in the market represents hundreds of pips if not hundreds but thousands! The shorter the term, the lower the return. This does not mean that the short term cannot take advantage of the market but you will see the next.


As I said, even short term can take advantage of the market but the chances are low. The amazing thing about choosing this timeframe is that you can trade as much as you want, which means there is no limit to the opportunities you can take. Most of the traders involved in this period are mostly scapegoats. In large timeframes, most of the time, you are only able to trade 1-2 times a day and sometimes in one day, you do not see any signal and that is normal. In fact, once you take a trade, the chances of winning the trade are very high and also very profitable because you already know the profit and the analysis part right?

In conclusion, I see that there is a high probability of big time if you trade with it but remember, I have listed only 3 things in this article and there are actually more advantages and disadvantages which I want to say but 3 things that I mention here are the most important. To know the part. Now, you can test it and change the time frame on your chart platform and you will see the difference now.

Source by Tyler Regan